Sts. Peter and Paul Bookstore is located in the narthex of the church. It provides worship-related items such as prayer ropes, crosses, icons, incense, vigil lamps and a wide variety of books on the Orthodox faith as well as Study Bibles. The bookstore is an excellent place to find what you need for your worship at home and to add to your spiritual reading.

Also, our church has a library with books on Orthodox spirituality in both languages, Macedonian and English. There are also numerous popular Macedonian literature books. The books of the library are open to borrow for all who are interested.

The purpose of the library and bookstore is threefold: 

- provide resources, to purchase or borrow, that will assist in the spiritual, intellectual and/or cultural growth of the parishioners of the Sts. Peter and Paul,

- to offer friendly and knowledgeable assistance to inquirers into Orthodox Christianity who are looking for resources, to help them with their faith journey,

- to offer a variety of items for purchase that meet the spiritual, cultural and/or social need of our parishioners.

If you can’t find what you are looking for in our library or bookstore, we can help you find it.

For more information about the library and bookstore, please contact the church.