It is said that the women are the backbone of a family and that’s perfectly true for our parish community, our big family. Part of the function of the Ladies Auxiliary is to promote fellowship within our community by sponsoring various events throughout the year. These events bring our community together socially and help raise needed money to keep our church operational. The other function of the Ladies Auxiliary is to provide aid, assistance and support to those in need whereby part of the funds raised from these yearly events go toward charitable giving to humanitarian organizations.

Annual Activities and Events

Our church would be unable to function without the commitment from the members of the Ladies Auxiliary to work for the betterment of our parish.  Much of our work happens behind the scenes, so to speak.  Listed are some of the behind the scenes activities the Ladies Auxiliary undertakes annually: decorating the Epitaphion on Good Friday, planning the coffee hour schedule, planning and serving for the feasts, decorating the Christmas tree, church and hall etc. The three major fundraising events sponsored by the Ladies Auxiliary are the FISH FRY every Friday, BAKE SALE, organized traditionally twice a year, and the FASHION SHOW on fall. Other luncheons and activites are also planned throughout the year to promote fellowship among our parishioners.    

TO ALL THE WOMEN OF OUR PARISH, please join the Ladies Auxiliary at their monthly meetings. Hope to see you there. All women who are members of the parish are strongly encouraged to take part in this organization.