The Sts. Peter and Paul Church Board as a stewardship ministry is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the parish and its ministries. The Regular Annual Members’ Assembly session is held once a year, in the month of February and on a Sunday. The Elections Members' Assembly session is held every other year, when the Administrative Board Members' term of office expires and new members of the Board are elected. All Administrative Board Members' term of office lasts 2 years.

From the By-laws:

Article 37

The Church Administrative board is elected at the Election Members' Assembly session and is comprised of 13-25 members. By his position, the priest is a member of the Administrative Board. The Board is comprised of: President, who needs to possess certain organizational skills and who has been an active church member for at least 5 years and who has distinguished himself/herself with certain accomplishments for the church he/she should prepare and submit a certain program, plans and ideas for the benefit of the Church. Other members of the Church Board are: two Vice-Presidents, Secretary, assistant Secretary, Treasurer, assistant Treasurer and members.

Article 38

The newly elected members of the Administrative Board, in the presence of the parish priest, take the following:


"I (First and Last Name) swear in the Almighty God, that I will be trustworthy and devoted to the Mother, Macedonian Orthodox Church, that I will conscientiously and respectfully comply with the Holy Orthodox Church, the Constitution of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, the Statute Of American-Canadian Macedonian Orthodox Diocese and the By-laws of Sts. Peter and Paul Macedonian Orthodox Church, as well as other church laws and provisions and I will respect and fulfill the resolutions and decisions of the higher bodies and organs of the Macedonian Orthodox Church and the American-Canadian Macedonian Orthodox Diocese, I will execute my duties With conscience and responsibility and I will keep the official secrets of the church and will preserve and defend its interests. As I am fulfilling this, God help me on this earth and in heaven."

This oath is signed by the member and the priest.