An Orthodox choir's duty is primarily to give glory to God, and secondarily to lead and inspire the congregation in prayerful and attentive worship.

Liturgical Choir is an important ministry of the parish as we are all called to serve one another with our time, talent and treasure. The choir in an Eastern Orthodox Church is not entertainment and not meant to highlight individual talent, but rather a ministry to lead the congregation in prayer and praise. The human voice is considered the finest instrument and most Orthodox choirs sing a capella, or without instruments.

Many people in the congregation are blessed with beautiful voices. You may stand near one of them in your pew; perhaps you yourself are one such person. Would you like to do more than just follow along with the choir in the singing of our worship? Are you willing to spend one evening of the week with the choir in preparation so that our spiritual celebrations go smoothly and beautifully? Are you willing to share your musical talent and offer it back to the Lord just as He granted it to you? You are welcome to be a part of the Sts. Peter and Paul Choir if the answer is Yes.

Rehearsals are weekly except during the summer months. A typical rehearsal begins with a warm-up where singers can “tune-up” their voices. Part of the rehearsal is devoted to previously learned music and problem areas. Other time is spent learning new music. The singer learns to listen to others as he sings and learns the value of being an integral part of the ensemble. The choir learns that at times they are leaders of the assembly in song, and at other times they are a choral unit whose function it is to create a spiritual mood.

If you would like to join the choir, you are encourage to contact the choir director or the priests.

The Divine Liturgy (playlist)

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