Boys from 6 and up can join the Altar boys group. The priests teach the signed up boys on the meaning and significance of being an altar boy, and prepare them practically for their assignments in the altar. In a consultation with the parents, the priests prepare a schedule for altar boys for the Sundays’ and Feasts’ services. For more details, please contact Fr. Georgij (219) 487-3417 and Fr. Aleksandar.

ON ALTAR BOYS by St. John of San Francisco

Serving as an altar boy is service to God, for it is participation in the ritual of divine services. Altar boys must remember that they are not serving a bishop or a priest, but the Lord God Himself, Who receives the service and praise of an innumerable multitude of angels, and still, by His goodness, receives the service we perform from the heart, just like the widow’s two coins in the Gospel. That is why all the duties and responsibilities taken during divine services are sanctified and honorable. Altar boys must understand that they are given a great honor in participating in serving the King of Kings, Who is served by even the angels with trembling. Whom do altar boys represent during services? Since our earthly divine services represent Heavenly service, the bishop represents Christ Himself, priests—the Apostles, deacons—the Seraphim and Cherubim, and altar boys—Archangels and Angels, who all invisibly to us served Christ during His earthly life and eternally praising him in Heaven.